The human body is faced with very many challenges when it comes to diseases. Certain diseases will only target specific parts on the body and as such a person will need to know why this is so and what to do whenever it happens. Pain on the left side of stomach is a common pain that a lot of people experience from time to time but which carries with it a lot of danger. The human stomach is divided into four quadrants which serve different functions. A person will definitely need to understand their stomach not so that they can diagnose themselves but so they can properly locate where a pain is emanating and where it is actually being felt. This way, a person is in a better position to getting much better medical attention. Still a person should always seek medical attention whenever they feel a pain on the left side of their stomachs. Here are some of the diseases that a person might be suffering from when they feel this kind of pain;

Ulcerative colitis

This is a disease that is considered to be serious and which needs to be attended to by a medical doctor as soon as possible. It is characterized by pain especially on the lower left quadrant of the stomach. A person will observe that they will have bloodied stool, weight loss, loose stools, muscle soreness, fatigue and nausea. Given the seriousness of this disease which can at times be confused with bowel obstruction, a person is advised to always seek medical attention at the soonest possible opportunity.

Bowel obstruction

The human intestines are spread all over the abdomen. The bowel obstruction can happen in any part of the bowels whether the left or the right side. Whenever this condition comes by, half the times will be on the left side of the body. The pain on the left side of stomach which characterizes bowel obstruction will be accompanied by vomiting, loose stools or no stools at all. A person will need to be medicated immediately because this condition is known to cause serious infections which can be costly to treat. Some of the damage that these infections can bring can be life threatening.

Kidney stones

This is a disease that many people suffer and which has its own share of excruciating pain. The simple fact that a person feels pain on the left side of stomach can mean that they have kidney stones. The first symptom will be a sharp pain at the back which will last for some hours. The pain will then spread to the front of the abdomen with the same unrelenting characteristics. There are kidney stones that are very large and which will definitely cause a hell lot of pain. Whenever a person thinks that they have a kidney stone, it is advisable that they rush to the hospital. For all pain on the left side of stomach that a person feels, they should seek medical attention always.