Anyone from time to time is bound to suffer from pain. Pain in left side is one of the common ailments that people will have and which should also be taken seriously. Whereas the left side pain can be a passing thing that will last for minutes and at most a few hours, it is imperative that a person take such pain seriously because there could be other serious underlying diseases in the offing and whose symptoms happen to be on the left side of the body.

There are symptoms that are generally associated with the pain in left side. These symptoms include yellowing of the eyes, left abdominal pain, chest pain on the left side, loss of appetite, shoulder pain, jaw pain, lower back pain, fatigue, lower grade pain, urination difficulties and so many more. Some of these characteristics are just stand alone while others are a clear indication of a much serious problem that will need the attention of a medic. Here are some of the major causes of the pain in the left side and which help a person have an idea of what to do when they experience it;

  1. Cardiovascular complications

    The heart is located on the left side of the chest. As such, a person should be keen when anything ticklish happens to the chest especially the left hand side. Pain in left side that comes due to cardiovascular reasons will often come with other symptoms although a good number of them will just come as standalone symptoms. Some of the root causes of the cardiovascular diseases and which bring about the pain on the left side of the chest include;

    • Congestive centre failure
    • Endocarditic
    • Coronary artery illness
    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
    • Thoracic aortic aneurysm
    • Aortic dissection
    • Mitral valve prolapsed

    All the chest related pain especially that which relates to the above should be referred to a doctor immediately because they are serious symptoms.

  2. Gynecological reasons

    The female reproductive organs are located above the groin. They play a critical role in the reproduction process; in fact no reproduction would happen were these organs not there. Pain in left side comes by if the reproductive organs of a woman are infected or are inflamed. Some pain will be experienced and some of the times it will be felt on the left side of the groin. Some of the causes of the infections to the gynecological area includes tubo-ovarian abscess, ovarian cysts and pregnancy related issues. Because of the sensitivity of the reproductive area and the complications that can arise thereafter, it is advisable to always seek the attention of the doctor whenever such is experienced.

  3. Gastrointestinal complications

    Many are the times when a person feels pain in their abdomen; they will often think it is their stomach. Well, the abdomen has a lot of parts and each of which plays a distinct and unique role in digestion or any other function. Depending on the exact cause of the pain in left side, a person will have an easy time treating the same, unless it happens to be a serious problem which will prove itself in a few hours time if not minutes.

    There are some ailments which are associated with the abdominal pain and which are classified under the gastrointestinal class of ailments. Some of the ailments relating to mild pain can be treated at home when a person buys over the counter drugs. Some of these ailments or conditions will include flatulence, food poisoning, indigestion and bowel congestion.

    On the other hand, there are those conditions that come with pain in left side and which are sometime relatively serious or very serious. A person will need to pay close attention to what they actually feel and for how long they do so. This will help the doctor in giving them the right treatment by the doctor. Some of the conditions that will come with this kind of pain include gall blander conditions, spleen rapture, appendicitis, pancreatic cancer, hepatitis, diverticulitis as well as colon cancer among others. The symptoms although they might appear as a normal food poisoning stomach ache, the pain will be persistent and at times excruciating.

  4. Lung complications

    The lungs are some of the most critical parts of the body and keen attention should be paid whenever pain is experienced. Chest in the chest can be brought about by lifting heavy objects, exercise, neuritis, muscle spasm, seminal vesiculitis, pneumonia, hernia, shingles and lung cancer. Because of the sensitivity of the lungs and the chest in general, all the pain in left side of the body should be reported to a medical doctor immediately.

    Whenever a person feels pain in left side of the body be it the head, the chest, the abdomen or even arms, it is absolutely necessary that they seek medical attention as they cannot tell exactly what caused it.