Many are the times that people will be complaining of pain on left side of their bodies. This side of the body is made up of very critical and vital body organs. The blood gets pumped from this side of the body and a person should be wary if they feel a pain around their hearts. However, there are pains that are serious while others are just mild and supposed to take for only a few hours and then going away. The causes of the pains on the left side of the body should be determined so that a person may not end dead because of lack of action or taking the wrong action to solve the problem.

The chest is the center part of the body that houses the heart, the lungs and several other vital organs. A person will need to know that anything that relates to the heart which is called cardiovascular will need to be treated as soon as possible and by a qualified medical doctor. Some pains will be mild but persistent while other will be sharp and sudden but short lived. Either way, such pains must be attended to by a doctor because much as they might just be pains, they could be symptoms to other serious diseases which is often the case.

The abdomen is the other part of the left side of the body that a person will need to pay close attention to for any pain that comes from here. The abdomen consists of two very important quadrants and which if ill they can cause a lot of discomfort to a person. There are several diseases or conditions that pain on left side comes with.

Some of the diseases include the ulcerative colitis, bowel obstruction, flatulence, liver problems, appendicitis and different types pancreatic cancers among others. While some pains will be felt on the exact spots that are aching, some pains will start from the back or lower back thereby bringing some confusion as to what is exactly paining.

Gynecological pain on left side is the other category that can cause sleepless nights for a lady. Given the significance of the reproductive organs in the body and the seriousness with which they should be treated with, a person should always endeavor to get professional advice whenever they feel such pain. Some of the diseases whose symptoms will be the pain felt on the left side of the body include the salinities, tubo-ovarian abscess, and ovarian cysts among others.

The pain on left side of the body should always be treated by a medical doctor who is qualified to properly diagnose the real cause of the pain. Much as a person can at times treat themselves with over the counter drugs which are locally found in a pharmacy, it is critical they seek medical attention and establish what exactly is ailing. It is known that some pains can cheat a person and rather than be sharp of really painful, they come as mild pains that will eventually cause death.