The human abdomen is made up of four quadrants each of which plays a critical role in the digestion of food and other body functions. Two of the quadrants are found on the left side of the body. There are many diseases which are directly affecting the left side of the abdomen and which come with Pain on left side of abdomen which is at times severe. Because of the diversity with which this pain presents a person with, it is extremely important that a person seeks medical attention immediately they experience such pain. Below are some of the diseases that can directly be related to the left side of the abdomen.

Bowel obstruction is one of the common diseases that affect very many people. The obstruction of the bowels can happen on the left side of the abdomen and it will come with great discomfort for some people. The obstruction of the bowels will come with accompanying symptoms which include vomiting and having loose stools. If these conditions untreated for sometime there is the risk of that person contracting other far serious infections which at times could even be life threatening. It is advised that a person who notices such symptoms to immediately seek medical attention.

Diverticulitis – This is a disease that mainly affects the elderly. This disease will come to be when the colon weakens at some point forcing the lining of the same to have a pouch or a bulge. Even though the bulge means that that particular spot is weak, there won’t be any characteristics at first. As the disease manifests itself, other symptoms such as constipation, nausea and bloating will come to be. The disease should be treated as soon as possible by a medical doctor. It is a good thing that the Pain on left side of abdomen serves as a notice to many.

Kidney stones – This is one of the serious diseases that make grownups cry. It’s very painful for all those who experience it. The condition will start with some sharp pain emanating from the lower back. After some hours, the pain will get transferred to the front of the abdomen. Kidney stones come with a Pain on left side of abdomen and must be treated as soon as they are noticed.

Pelvic inflammatory disease – this disease is characterized by a dull pain that stays like that for a long time. It is easy to ignore the characteristics because the pain is never sharp. However, the disease comes with its own complications which if not attended to early might cause a whole lot of trouble for a person. The disease only affects women. The accompanying characteristics of this disease include some pain on the front of the abdomen and some fever. It is important that whenever a woman experiences these symptoms to rush to a gynecologist who should then diagnose what exactly is the disease underlying. In all instances that a person experiences a Pain on left side of abdomen, they should first medical attention rather than trying to diagnose themselves.