The abdomen is made up of several very vital body organs. Oftentimes, a person will feel some discomfort in the stomach. A person can have flatulence; they could also suffer from some minor food poisoning. The body has its own immune system which works towards eradicating any of these ailments. There are however some ailments that will not just go away and which can pose a serious problem to the abdomen and the whole body at large. A human abdomen is divided into four quadrants two of which happen to be on the left side of the body. Because of the many organs found in the body and which are critical to the well being of a person, it is important that a person always seeks medical attention immediately the experience pain on the left side of their bodies. Pain left side of abdomen can come from this side of the body and which can mean that a person might be having any of the following diseases.

One of the common conditions which come with pain on the left side of the abdomen is bowel obstruction. This means that an obstruction of some kind has occurred in the long winding chain of either the large or the small intestines. Even though an obstruction can occur on the right side of the intestines, it is also very much likely that it happens on the left. A blockage of the intestines can happen to a person and this will cause a good deal of discomfort. The other symptoms that will come with the pain left side of abdomen include vomiting and having no stool or very loose stool. Having a blocked bowel is very serious because an infection can come about and a permanent damage can occur. It is therefore very important that a person seeks medical attention at the soonest possible opportunity.

Diverticulitis is the other disease that is characterized with pain left side of abdomen. This disease mainly affects the elderly. It comes about when the colon weakens and a spot is created on the skin of the colon which then forces that spot to bulge or to have a pouch. At early stages, this will be hard to detect but as it progresses, there will be pain on the left side of the abdomen. The other symptoms that come with this condition include bloating, nausea and constipation. Medical attention should be sought as soon as possible. The way to go about the condition though is to have food that is low on fiber.

Viral hepatitis is the other disease that poses with pain left side of abdomen. This is a very serious disease which should always be treated as soon as possible. Patients will be feeling a dull pain which doesn’t relent even after eating. This is a clear distinction from bowel obstruction. The other symptoms that come with this disease include slight yellowing of the skin as well as the whites of the eyes. In all the above cases, medical attention should be sought. A person should never try to diagnose themselves when it comes to pain on the left side of their bodies.