The left part of the human body houses numerous organs most of which are very important for the functioning of the body. It is therefore important that a person takes good note of the different types of pain that often spot this side of the body. When a person has pain in left side it could mean a thousand different things. A pain on the left side of the body could mean a heart problem, a lung problem, a spleen problem or a gynecological problem among others. It is important to note that any of the pains can be confused for the other and it is for this reason that a person should seek medical attention whenever they feel any pain on their left side of their bodies.

There are general symptoms that can be associated with the pain in the left side of the body and which can serve as a very good indicator what exactly is echoing or ailing. When a person comes to the chest, the symptoms that are associated to this pain include chest pain on the left side, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing, rib cage deformity, shoulder blade pain and left arm pain. As for the head, the symptoms include headache, yellow skin eyes, neck and jaw pain. The stomach or the abdomen will have the following symptoms, loss of appetite, urination problem, low back pain and chills among others.

When a person goes to a hospital they will be treated for the disease underlying the pain in left side. Such a person will undergo rigorous tests which will seek to establish exactly what the cause of the pain is. The doctor will do physical examinations, X-rays, ultra sound, stool test, urine tests, blood tests and endoscopies. All of the methods used to diagnose the left side pains are used in relation to the symptoms that a person will have been experiencing. Obviously, the doctor will conduct a thorough diagnosis based on information such as the environment that a person lives, in, the kind of work that a person does or even hereditary factors.

There are several causes of the pain in the body on the left side. There are pains that a person can afford to ignore while there are those that a person should never overlook. Starting with the chest, the pain in left side that a person might experience includes chest pains and problem with breathing. Considering that the chest is where critical body organs are placed such as the lungs and the heart, a person should genuinely be worried when they have a pain on their part of the body. Some of the diseases that come with the cardiovascular pain include all heart ailments, congestive center failure, endocarditic, aortic dissection, mitral valve relapse among others.

The other pain in left side that many people experience includes the gastrointestinal ones. These types of pains are usually associated with the lower abdomen as well as the upper abdomen. The left part of the stomach has two quadrants that can suffer several diseases. One of the diseases is the diverticulitis. This disease is normally experienced by the elderly when a part of their colon weakens and a bulge develops at such a spot. Kidney stones are the other ailment that a person can suffer from when it comes to pain in the left side of the body.

It is extremely important that a person seeks medical attention whenever they experience a pain on the left side of their bodies just as they should do when they experience pain in the rest of the body.