The left side of the body is comprised of some very vital body organs. It is the side where the heart, half of the lings, spleen, half of the abdomen, half of the female reproductive system and so on. It is indeed a very sensitive side of the body just like the right side. When it comes to left side pain, a person should be wary because there are many things that could be paining and which should be attended to immediately. Under normal circumstances, a person is advised that whenever they encounter pain on the left side of their body that they seek medical attention from a qualified medical practitioner.

The pain on the left side of the body can distributed all over that side but the important thing about that pain is to know what kind of pain one is experiencing. After going to the gym and lifting weights for two days, it is possible that a person will be feeling some strain in the chest. This can’t really be taken as diseases. There is the left side pain that can however be experienced by going to the gym and lifting weights or doing some handy chores.

A sharp pain which tears across the chest or the abdomen can mean several things all of which should be attended to be a doctor. A person might have cracked a rib, an abdomen muscle might have been torn or even a skeletal muscle might have been damaged. It is imperative that even though a person can directly say what caused their pain because they actually felt it happening, to seek medical attention as it is hard to tell what pain is serious or critical or even mild and not serious.

When it comes to the rest of left side pain, many people will often feel pain in their chest which is related to the cardiovascular area. This is the pain that a person will be feeling when their hearts or any parts related to the heart are aching. There are numerous diseases that can affect the heart and which are serious enough to cause alarm. A person will therefore need to seek medical attention whenever they feel a pain that they can’t actually trace to an activity they performed. While the earlier discussed pain can be treated with a simple massage or rest, the cardiovascular pains are serious because they could come with diseases such as mitral valve prolapsed, congestive center failure, coronary artery illness and heart assault among others.

When going down to the abdomen, a person will also need to take note of the different types of pains that they can experience from this part of their bodies. Whereas some abdominal pains are not as serious as the cardiovascular ones, it is important that a person still seeks medical attention always. The abdominal pains can either be gastrointestinal related or gynecological ones as for the ladies. When looking in to left side pain, a person should understand that a medical doctor is the best placed person to tell what is causing it.