The body is made up of many organs each one of them playing an important role at keeping a person healthy. As it so happens, several vital organs are found on the left side of the body. Some of the organs which influence a lot the health of a person and which if ailing no matter how little a person feels miserable are on the left side of the body. It is for this reason that a pain in left side study was launched and tries to explain the different types of pain and symptoms that a person can suffer.

For the different cause of pain in left side a person should always be keen to establish exactly what is happening to their body. A sudden sharp pain can come about when a person is working and could mean a lot of things. One of the things than could have gone wrong can be a broken rib, a skeletal damage, a stretch of the muscles or even a cracked rib. While these types of pains can be agonizing and sharp, they can be calmed by undergoing a massage, applying an anti-inflammatory ointment or drug and resting.

There are other pains that are much worse than the above stated ones and which at times will come with very mild symptoms. Such symptoms should be taken to mean serious trouble because as it happens the blockage of a vein either in the kidney, womb, the intestines, the urethra and so on will rarely come with screaming sharp pain but gradual one that at the end might even cause death. It is even possible to find a person suffering from a mild kind of pain but after a day or two they are the ones being rushed to the ER.

The problems that are experienced when the pain in left side come includes the cardiovascular ones. The heart is located on the left side of the chest and as all know, it is the one that pumps the blood into the veins. This being the case, any ailment, no matter how small that happens to invade the heart or any of its associate organs poses great danger to a person. Any pain in the heart area will cause a great deal of discomfort and a person will need to seek medical attention immediately. Some of the diseases that come with the pain in the left side of the body include the coronary artery illness, mitral valve prolapsed, heart assault, thoracic aortic aneurysm and abdominal aortic aneurysm among others.

The abdomen is the other place that pain manifests itself in a major way. A person will find that two of the most important abdomen quadrants are placed on the left side. Still there are other problems that can arise and which do not necessarily involve the actual digestive system. The problems that could be signaled by a pain on the left side of the body when it comes to the gastrointestinal area include appendicitis, liver problems, food poisoning, gall bladder problems, bowel congestion, flatulence and Crohn’s illness among other ailments. There are other diseases that manifest themselves via the pain on the left side of the body. Such include lung diseases, gynecological diseases among others.

Because a person will not automatically know what exactly brought about their pain in left side, it is important that a person always seeks the attention of a doctor. This article serves to only guide one into various possible reasons that they are feeling pain in their bodies especially the all important left side.