The human body is made up of very different parts and organs. As for the human abdomen, it is divided into four quadrants two of which are on the left side while the other two are on the right side. For diagnostic purposes, it is important to note that the left quadrants are separated as the upper left quadrant and the left lower quadrant. When it comes to left side abdominal pain, many diseases and disorders can actually be traced to these two quadrants. Some of the conditions are pretty serious even though a person should go to a medical doctor for whatever kind of abdominal pain the feel. Here are some of the diseases and disorders that can directly be traced to this side of the abdomen.

Diverticulitis is a pretty common condition among the elderly. It will appear as a weak spot in the colon and a pouch or a bulge will be forced to appear there. Many elderly patients happen to experience this condition. As the disease progresses, a person will feel a pain on the left side of their abdomen. The other symptoms that will come with this left side abdominal pain include nausea, constipation and bloating of the stomach. In many instances, this is a disease that is considered life threatening and it can be treated using food with low fiber. It is important that a person seeks medical attention immediately.

Bowel obstruction is the other disease that is characterized by left side abdominal pain. Whereas the small and the large intestines wind all through the abdomen, some pain in the abdomen can be caused by an obstruction of the intestines on the left side of the abdomen. Besides the pain that a person will be feeling on their left side of the abdomen, a person will be vomiting, having loose stools and at times no stool at all. The disease should be treated immediately because it can cause other diseases, infections which at times are permanent.

Kidney stones is the other well known condition that many people suffer from and which is characterized with pain on the left side of the abdomen. A person will have a series of observations to observe to fully determine that what they have are kidney stones. Usually a person will experience a sharp pain in the back which will then transport itself gradually to the front of the stomach. If the stone is large to pass or even when a person experiences such pain, then they should be taken to the ER for medical attention.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the other one of the diseases that come with left side abdominal pain. This disease is characterized by a dull but unwaning pain on the left side of the stomach. It only affects women. There are patients who will experience this pain on the left side of the abdomen as well as the center of the abdomen. The other symptom for this disease includes fever. Because of the severity that this disease poses, a woman should seek medical attention immediately they experience these kinds of symptoms.